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$2.9 Million Settlement
In a construction accident lawsuit

Los Angeles Construction Accident Attorney

Every year thousands of construction workers are killed on the job in construction accidents, scaffold accidents,  crane accidents, forklift accidents, and more. The worst part is that usually these construction accidents could have been avoided. In most cases construction accidents happen because of a corporation’s or a person’s negligence or carelessness.

Construction accidents are traumatic, painful, and sometimes deadly. A non-fatal construction accident can leave you with serious personal injuries for life.  A construction accident may also leave you emotionally distressed and fearful.

Any construction accident can be costly.  Even a modest construction injury can cost a lot of money in medical bills and can result in lost wages.

Construction Accidents and The Law
Generally, if you’ve been injured on the job, you can file for workers’ compensation benefits, even if you were entirely responsible for your personal injuries. These benefits typically tend to be modest.

Usually if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you cannot sue your employer for your personal injuries or for the wrongful death of a loved one. But you can pursue a construction accident lawsuit against other responsible parties.

Many people are responsible for keeping a construction site safe.  Aside from your employer, those liable for your construction accident might include:

  • Property Owners/Landlords
  • General Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Other Construction Workers

Construction Accident Lawsuits are Complicated
Santa Monica construction accident attorney David Olan knows that the key to winning a construction accident lawsuit is discovering who is liable for the accident. That sounds simpler than it is as discovering all the liable parties for a construction accident lawsuits takes an investigation by experts and a construction accident attorney experienced in putting the investigative pieces together.

Because California recognizes comparative negligence, liability may be spread around to include all parties’ responsible. For example, the court may decide that the you were 10% liable for the construction accident, the forklift supplier was 60% responsible, and the engineer was 30% responsible. Each would have to pay that part of the compensation you were awarded.

This is why even if you were partially responsible for your construction accident, you may still have a construction accident lawsuit.

To ensure that you have the best chance to win your construction lawsuit, you need Santa Monica construction accident attorney David Olan to guide you. With more than 30 years of experience in construction accident law, David Olan maximizes the compensation he obtains for construction accident victims.

Types of Damages You Can Recover
Damages you may be able to recover in a construction accident lawsuit include:

  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of a loved one who is killed or disabled
  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Damage to other physical property

The Cost of a Construction Accident Lawyer
In most situations Santa Monica construction accident attorney David Olan takes cases on a contingency basis.  This means that you pay no fees or costs until your construction accident lawsuit is resolved. In fact, it will cost you more in the long run if you don’t consult with a construction accident attorney.  On average, personal injury victims who are represented by lawyers recover six to seven times more than victims who represent themselves.

Time Limits to File a Construction Accident Lawsuit
Contact Santa Monica construction accident attorney David Olan as soon as you are medically able. There are statutes of limitation (deadlines) by which time you must file your lawsuit.  If you miss the deadline, then you are giving up your rights to ever file a construction accident lawsuit for the damages or losses you suffered.

The sooner you contact Santa Monica construction accident attorney David Olan the better it is for your case. He will:

  • Investigate the facts of the case
  • Determine all of those who are liable for your construction accident injuries
  • Obtain evidence before it is destroyed as construction progresses
  • Interview witnesses before their memories of the construction accident fade
  • Obtain your records to ensure that evidence in your construction accident case is not lost

Free Consultation with a Construction Accident Attorney
Contact Santa Monica construction accident attorney David Olan at Olan Law today for a free, no-obligation consultation and to learn about your legal options.

Construction Accidents
Questions & Answers

Q:  Can I sue for my work-related construction accident or can I only get Worker’s Comp?
A:  Though you can’t sue your employer or co-workers if you have a construction accident, there may be others, whom you can sue, who are or share responsibility for your damages. Examples include subcontractors, the property owner, and manufacturers of the equipment. If one of these other entities are partially responsible for your construction accident, you may have a construction accident lawsuit in addition to the Worker’s Comp to which you are entitled. The only way you will probably know if there are others liable for your accident, is if a Los Angeles construction accident attorney investigates your accident.

Q:  Can I file a construction accident lawsuit for being injured while visiting a construction site?
A:  It’s very possible that if you suffered serious personal injuries while visiting — not working on — a construction site that you do have a construction accident lawsuit. Under California law, contractors and property owners have a “duty of care” to others on the site and just off the site if the off-site hazardous conditions are caused from on the site.

Visitors to construction sites may suffer injuries from electric shocks, slip and falls, trip and falls, ladder injuries, roofing accidents, scaffolding accidents, or crane or other machinery accidents.

Q:  Can I sue for a construction accident that I’m partially responsible for?
A:  If it can be proved that someone other than your employer or co-workers are MORE responsible for the construction accident than you are, you may have a construction accident lawsuit. California recognizes comparative negligence. The court will determine what percentage of the responsibility for the accident is yours and what percentage is someone else’s. Whatever percentage is deemed your responsibility is subtracted from whatever compensation is recovered.

For example, if the court said you were 10% at fault and the manufacturer of the crane was 90% responsible for the accident, and the verdict was $100,000, your compensation would be $90,000.

Q:  What if I can’t afford a construction accident attorney?
A:  In most situations Olan Law takes construction accident cases on a contingency basis. This means you pay nothing until your case is resolved. If necessary, Olan Law also can refer clients who can’t afford healthcare to quality medical providers on a lien basis. You obtain the healthcare you need right away and the medical professional is paid upon the case’s resolution.

Contact David Olan for a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation.