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Malibu Motorcyle Lawyer

Malibu, Motorcycles, and Lawyers

Malibu is home to some of the most scenic areas of the United States. It’s where the sea meets the purple mountains’ majesty. The ride along the Pacific Highway is a motorcyclist’s dream for both beginners and experts. The Pacific Highway and all its interconnecting roads are well known by motorcyclists and well protected by Malibu motorcycle lawyers. 

There is no doubt that California has some of the most open scenic freeways in the United States. It could be among the reasons that California ranks the highest in motorcycle registrations. The other “sunshine” state Florida ranks number two in motorcycle registrations, however, California almost doubles that number. 

There are 6000 miles of freeways in California running through congested urban areas, mountains, valleys, and along the beach coast. All beautiful rides especially for motorcyclists. Combining the extraordinary amount of road miles with the highest number of motorcycles registered in any US State, it is inevitable that there are many types of motorcycle mishaps every day. Questions arise at every accident involving a motorcycle, from insurance coverage, to how do I contact the best Malibu motorcycle lawyer? 

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Many motorcyclists are forced to become insurance experts after an accident. This is the classic example of learning lessons in the school of hard knocks. After a motorcycle accident, many riders realize the minimum motorcycle insurance coverage isn’t enough. While the minimum insurance coverage gets them on the road legally, it fails to protect the riders. 

Beginner and experienced motorcycle riders love to ride along the Pacific Coast Highway and explore the scenery of beaches and mountains. It is for all motorcycle riders an extraordinary experience. The best advice that a Malibu motorcycle lawyer can offer is to check your insurance coverage limits before taking that beautiful ride. 

The State mandated minimum insurance coverages are $15,000 bodily injury per person, $30,000 bodily injury liability per accident, and $5,000 property damage- this is stated in insurance shorthand as 15K/30K/5K. Specifically, it means the operator of a motorcycle involved in an accident is covered for $15,000 for an injured person in a single accident and $30,000 for all injured parties in a single accident. The coverage under this minimum policy means that you can cause $5000 worth of property damage and be covered. Malibu motorcycle lawyers will advise that these coverages are not realistic.

To give you an example, a single-vehicle accident where a motorcycle runs through a garden gate can cause more than $5000 worth of property damage. Many motorcyclists are caught by surprise when the Malibu motorcycle lawyer informs his client that the insurance company will pay the maximum to fix the gate, but they are responsible for the remaining balance.  

The severity of cases varies, and property damage caused by a motorcycle accident can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage, a lot more than what an insurance minimum payout will cover. The minimum payments for bodily injury are even risker with a minimum coverage policy. The astronomical costs of medical care, physical rehabilitation, lost wages, disabilities, and even funerals are well known and minimum coverages will not be enough to cover these in most cases. 

Attorneys Know the Laws of Insurance 

It’s important to remember that motorcycle insurance is separate from regular vehicle insurance. The motorcycle owned or just purchased must be separately named and covered in insurance policies. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident while cruising the PCH, it’s best to contact a Malibu motorcycle lawyer immediately to protect your rights. If you are unsure of what exactly your insurance covers, and are seeking advice on how to protect your assets, it’s best to be proactive. Contact a Malibu motorcycle lawyer for a consultation that could protect you in the future. No matter the extent of damages or injuries in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney to protect your rights, maximize your settlements and limit your liabilities to the full extent of the law.